Hollywood Gene Pool

Lots of Hollywood stars have/had the name Gene, Jean, or Jeanne.  Here a few.  I didn’t list their most famous films because I hope you’d try to view some of their other films which are good too. 

If you can think of any more, please comment.  We’re not including French stars like Jean Gabin or Jeanne Moreau.

Gene Autry, Shooting High

Jean Arthur, The Devil and Miss Jones

Gene Barry, The War of the Worlds

Jeanne Crain, Margie

Gene Hackman, Lilith

Jean Hagen, Adam’s Rib

Jean Harlow, Platinum Blonde

Jean Hersholt, Greed

Gene Kelly, Brigadoon

Jean Parker, Lady for a Day

Jean Peters, Pickup on South Street

Jean Simmons, Guys and Dolls

Gene Tierney, Heaven Can Wait

Gene Wilder, Bonnie and Clyde