My favorite classic beauties pre-1950s

Sorry guys.  I know I’ve been a bit lazy with the blogging.  I’ve worked some long hours.  Anyway here’s a frivolous filler for the week. I think these are some of the most beautiful classic actresses from the silver screen.  Talent is not necessarily included.  I’m just commenting on facial beauty. The actresses below all made film debuts before 1950. I’ll put Natalie Wood in another category because she was still a kid before the 50s.

Oh gosh I hope these pictures don’t look messed up.  I don’t know why this is happening. Hope you can figure out who is who.

1) Gene Tierney – my favorite since childhood. I love her cheekbones.

2) Ava Gardner – both a gorgeous face and amazing body.  As much as Tierney is my favorite for the face, her figure wasn’t as good. Ava is the complete physical package.

3) Linda Darnell -almost forgotten actress but she ranks high amongst us film buffs

4) Ingrid Bergman – natural beauty

5) Madeleine Carroll – elegant British beauty.  I like her a lot more than Grace Kelly.  I know kill me for that comment.

6) June Haver-she is such an underrated beauty.  Possibly the prettiest blonde in the 40s.

7) Elizabeth Taylor -overrated but she deserves it.

8)  Dorothy Dandridge – she really blossomed in her 30s (the 1950s).

9) Dorothy Lamour – the Sarong girl- another forgotten one but we film buffs love her.

10) Dolores Del Rio– Marlene Dietrich thought she was the most beautiful woman.  Marlene you didn’t make my list but at least Dolores did.