Gloria Jean at Hollywood Show

Gloria Jean was the first celebrity I spotted on my Hollywood Show mission. She is a cutie pie. She didn’t speak much but she graciously answers questions. She currently lives in Hawaii and loves it. I don’t know much about her career but learning. She started as a teen singer and actress starring in films with Bing Crosby, W. C. Fields, and plenty with Donald O’Connor.

Gloria Jean and Donald O'Connor

Gloria Jean and Donald O’Connor

At Gloria’s table, I saw Jimmy, a friend of actress Barbara Luna. I couldn’t remember where I had seen him before but he reminded me it was at Cinecon.  I ran into Luna in the lobby and she remembered me from Cinecon! I think Luna likes seeing the classic stars too. She even showed photos of Gloria Jean and Margaret O’Brien on her Facebook page. Luna is a sweet attractive woman who lights up a room and continues to exude femininity and charm. In the lobby, Luna made ME feel like a star!

Gloria Jean’s table was selling photos, CDs, DVDs, and paper dolls. I love paper dolls and have a few including an autographed Rhonda Fleming paper doll book. I normally don’t like to buy glossies. I prefer a book because I’m learning something rather than just collecting. She autographed the paper doll book I bought which highlights her first and favorite movie, The Under-Pup, a film that was unfamiliar to me.

Paper Doll Book

Paper Doll Book

Funny how life works. While I had the least amount to say to her compared to other classic celebrities I have met, the name of one of the characters from her movie The Under-Pup  was rather shocking for me personally. I never bothered looking through it prior to my purchase. For a moment I was unsure if I should keep it. Yet I feel it made this meeting rather poignant but therapeutic. The “shocking” character’s name regained some wholesomeness in a new unrelated way through Gloria Jean’s association. I can now try to remember Gloria Jean’s paper doll book to make me feel better, if needed.