Privet Lana Wood!

I’m a James Bond and Natalie Wood fan. I saw Natalie’s lovely sister, actress Lana Wood, sitting at her celebrity table next to George Lazenby who was next to Piper Laurie. Lana complimented me on my pretty dress as I approached her table. I answered spasibo, the Russian translation for “thank you.” She understood so I asked (in English) if she spoke Russian. She answered “no.“ She can understand some but embarrassed to speak. She even said “Ya ne govoru very good” meaning “I do no speak very good” so yes, she wasn’t able to remember “very good” which is “ochen horosho.”


I then asked if Natalie spoke it. She answered “no” so I added “oh so you speak better?” She answered “oh no.” So the hypothesis is neither Lana nor Natalie spoke it but Lana’s Russian was worse, according to Lana. She did add Natalie was studying or planning to study Russian in preparation for her stage role of Anastasia. Then I went my merry way. Poka poka Lana!