Canadian Classic Hollywood


My shadow taking photo

Every time I travel I stumble upon something classic movie related and I can’t complain. This week my boss took me to Toronto and lo and behold there is a Canadian Walk of Fame in front of Roy Thompson Hall on King’s Street. Image


I almost missed it but happened to look down. When I saw Norma and Douglas Shearer, I knew I had to go back and start from the beginning. I only took photos of Fay Wray, Norma and Douglas Shearer and Mary Pickford. Disappointingly there was no Deanna Durbin, Yvonne De Carlo or Walter Pidgeon. Hopefully they will be added as they are so important to Hollywood history. I did see Leslie Nielsen and Raymond Burr. Unfortunately I did not notice Mack Sennett but he’s supposed to be there. Lastly I don’t know if there is a star for Vancouver-born Ann Rutherford but she was sadly and undeservedly omitted from the 2013 Oscars In Memoriam. Inexcusable! Canada and Mickey Rooney should complain.

My shadow again

My shadow again