Jeni Le Gon, dancer and actress

Jeni Le Gon is still alive in her early 90s.  She too was in I Walked With a Zombie (1943), credited as a dancer. She is the young girl in the beginning of the clip below.

I first was introduced to her in the escapist Technicolor film, Arabian Nights (1942), portraying a slave girl.  She was one of if not the first black woman to sign an extended contract with MGM that was later canceled. Her roles where minor but her resume includes good films like Broadway Melody of 1936, Sundown, I Walked with a Zombie, Arabian Nights,  Easter Parade, and Somebody Loves Me. Many utilized her dancing talents.   She also was in the Snoop Dogg  film, Bones (2001).

Le Gon eventually settled in Vancouver to teach dance.  Enjoy the videos of this living legend who deserves more recognition.

Still dancing at 92

Tapping w/Bojangles Robinson in Hooray For Love (1935)