A French Diet

When in France all I ever want to eat are crepes, yogurt, and mâche.   When in Paris, all I do is walk for hours and make snack stops. I enjoy my crepe with a little sugar, citron, and Grand Marnier.  I’ve tried to make my own but fail. Luckily here in the States I can buy ready- made crepes at Kroger (Melissa’s brand) or Fresh Market (4 Earth brand). Follow the directions on the package. Basically you just heat it in a skillet for 1 minute then stuff with anything; fruit, eggs, or a little sugar, lemon and Grand Marnier.

I can’t remember all the French yogurt brands I had but the one that stands out is Le Petit Basque Caille de Brebis (curdled sheep milk yogurt).  I’d only eat plain or vanilla flavor.  Come to think of it, I don’t think there were any other flavors.  Unfortunately I can’t find this brand where I live.  Whole Foods does sell a sheep milk yogurt but the taste is different.  Oh well, I’ll just have to wait to go to the Monoprix on my next trip to France whenever that is.  Months?  Years? Decades?

Luckily mâche (aka lamb’s lettuce), a lovely green, is available but très cher.  Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s sells this at $4 or $5.  I did buy it once last year but I’d rather fly to France and enjoy it there. Nevertheless if I strike the jackpot, I’ll spend some of that dough on a little pricey mâche.