Harlow: Blonde Bombshell

I rented Dinner at Eight but first viewed the DVD special feature documentary titled Harlow:  The Blonde Bombshell narrated by Sharon Stone.  Stone basically destroys the documentary .  Stone  looks beautiful dressed as a 30s glamour queen but her teleprompter delivery and poses look so forced.  Is she to blame? The director? Both?

Stone was in her mid-30s when this documentary was made.  I empathize with a teen or younger 20-something unsuccessfully attempting a sexy coquette.  Yet by a woman’s 30s, especially a celebrated actress, wouldn’t a woman already be comfortable in her skin that her sexy coquette comes through naturally?

I survived the documentary because I love Jean Harlow but Stone is too busy making out for the camera.  The documentary is supposed to be about Harlow not Stone.  Unfortunately Stone takes the focus from Harlow.