Norway Nostalgia

One of my fondest memories of Norway is lomper and gudbrandsdalsost cheese.  Lomper is best described as a potato tortilla.  It’s great wrapped around a hot dog but if you’re vegetarian you can treat it the way you treat a tortilla, pita, etc.  Gudbrandalsost is a sweet brown cheese.  I swear I gained 10lbs during my 2 month Norwegian stay because I was hooked on lomper not to mention smoked salmon, lingonberry jam, sausages, Norwegian waffles, and Norwegian pancakes.  Unfortunately I can’t get lomper and gudbrandsdalsost where I live.  I found a recipe for lomper but failed.  All I have now are memories and the occasional google image.

Now why was I in Norway fattening myself up with their good food?  I found an internship with the Norwegian Emigrant Museum.  I wrote the museum stating my love for Norwegian-American stars and to my surprise, the museum had just inherited a Greta Nissen collection including photos, newspaper/magazine clippings, paintings, and letters.  I was offered to create a database.  Who is Greta Nissen?  Well she was a well-known actress during the silent era.  She was set to star in Howard Hughes Hell’s Angels (referenced in the film, The Aviator) but since it was to be redone as a talkie, the part went to Jean Harlow.  Unfortunately in the annals of film history, this is Nissen’s most famous role, a role that was not to be.

My biggest regret from my Norway sejour was not visiting the Sonja Henie MuseumSonja Henie, the Olympian ice-skater was top-box office in the 30s. She, along with Tai Babilonia and Katarina Witt, is one reason I enjoy ice-skating.  I can’t think of a bigger Norwegian Hollywood star.  I also thank her because she along with Betty Grable, Alice Faye, John Payne, Don Ameche (I saw him in real life when he filmed a movie in my hometown), and Carmen Miranda were the ones who introduced me to classic films.