Cream-top milk

I love milk.  Thank goodness I didn’t inherit any lactose intolerant genes and if I did, I don’t notice it.  I’m a dairyholic.  I love greek yogurt, Le Petite Basque sheep milk yogurt from France, cheeses, flan, panecotta, ice-cream, and of course plain old milk.

I know it’s not healthy. It’s fattening.  We really don’t need it.  Nevertheless I submit but I try to have the healthiest available.  Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market sells Farmer’s Creamery grass-fed milk from Kalona Iowa. It’s non-homogenized but VAT pasteurized.  I’m always eager to eat the cream top. For a higher price Rainbow Natural Foods also sells this product.

Alon’s bakery also sells good milk called Johnston Family Farm, non-homogenized w/cream top but their milk isn’t grass-fed.  It’s still good. FYI Farmer’s Creamery doesn’t always sell grass-fed either. You need to look at the container.

I don’t know where else you can get cream-top milk but call your local health food or specialty stores.  I’ve listed 2 brands above so hope that helps.