Cuban Classic Relations

With the pending restoration of Cuban and American diplomatic relations, it’s time to celebrate Cubans and those of Cuban descent in Golden Age Hollywood!


Musician, actor and television producer, Desi Arnaz was arguably the most famous Cuban to hit Hollywood. Bandleader of the Desi Arnaz Orchestra who formed Desilu Productions and starred in I Love Lucy. Here he is pictured with wife, Lucille Ball.

cesar romero

New York-born Cesar Romero born of a Cuban mother is pictured here with Joan Crawford. Many of you may know him as The Joker in Batman or The Cisco Kid. I know him as a fun handsome supporting actor in FOX Studio musicals.

mel ferrer

Most famous as Audrey Hepburn’s first husband, New York-born Mel Ferrer was born to a Cuban father. Along with Audrey, I loved his film Lili. I’m surprised I have seen a lot of Ferrer films including Lost Boundaries, Born To Be Bad, War and Peace, Blood and Roses, and El Greco.


Best known for her roles in Roy Roger Westerns and Rio Bravo (1959), Cuban actress Estelita Rodriquez is pictured here with Ronald Reagan on the set of Tropic Zone (1953).