RIP Jean Simmons (1929-2010)

Here we go again.  Jean Simmons died on January 22.  She was formerly married to actor Stewart Granger. My first Simmons film was definitely The Robe.  I saw it almost every Lenten season growing up. As a horror fan, I also watched her in the 1991 revival of Dark Shadows.  In the wikipedia entry it states the Gulf War as causing the new hit show to lose it’s audience due to constant re-scheduling. I can’t stand war.  I don’t even really like war films no matter how critically acclaimed. 

I am so aware of Simmons’ filmography including her pre-Hollywood British films, Great Expectations, Hamlet and Black Narcissus as well as her Hollywood films like Elmer Gantry and Guys and Dolls. Nonetheless other than The Robe, I’ve only seen her in Angel Face and  Spartacus . This is a wake-up call that I need to see more of her movies since she starred in a lot of acclaimed classics.