Did Carmen Miranda like feijoada?

Tomorrow my friend will cook Portuguese-style feijoada as a post-birthday gift. Portuguese-style uses white beans but the more famous version is Brazilian, utilizing black beans.  I favor the white bean version that I first tried in Guatemala.

Anyway my anticipation for feijoada has me thinking about Carmen Miranda.  Miranda was Portuguese-born remaining a Portuguese national till she died. Nevertheless she was Brazilian at heart having been raised there since infancy.  She must have eaten feijoada since it’s Brazil’s national dish. I wonder if her parents could make the white bean version that I love.

Miranda was instrumental in my discovery of classic Hollywood movies. I was first exposed to the Fox studio films starring Alice Faye, Betty Grable, John Payne, Don Ameche and of course, Miranda.  On Halloween in elementary school, I dressed up like her with my own tutti frutti hat.