RIP Jennifer Jones (1919-2009)

I can’t take this.  First Richard Todd, now Jennifer Jones.  These two better not be forgotten at the Oscars In Memoriam.  You know how they left out uber-important people like Dorothy McGuire and Anita Page previously.  Such cretins with no respect for Hollywood history!

I’ve never been a Jennifer Jones fan but I love Duel in the Sun aka Lust in the Dust. What an amazing film!  It has one of the most memorable cinematic endings I’ve ever scene.   Personally I think her role as the Eurasian, Han Suyin nee Rosalie Elisabeth Kuanghu Chow, in Love is a Many- Splendor Thing should be remade but keep the song.

How could Jennifer Jones have dumped Robert Walker though? I suppose her second husband David O. Selznick had the money and/or was better in bed because Robert Walker was such a handsome and great actor.

While she wasn’t my favorite actress, I still want to see her in Cluny Brown.

Nice clip from Duel in the Sun