My classic crushes

I’ve seen some movies but still lazy so here’s another frivolous filler.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr – a dashing hottie.

Herbert Marshall – love his humor, accent, kind of cute, bring home to mama

James Cagney – the singing dancing gangster


Steve Cochran –  Don’t most Crochran fans love Brando too? Well I’m not a Brando fan. Crucify me. Gilbert Roland – so arrogant but I like him

Cary Grant –  perfection

Errol Flynn – I’d like to see him and Douglas Fairbanks Jr duel over me. I’d take Fairbanks though, more emotionally stable.

Clark Gable – Too bad Carole Lombard said he was a bad f..k




Robert Mitchum – The chin, the eyes……

David Niven – I think he was very wealthy because he, Charles Boyer, and Dick Powell started 4-Star Playhouse. They were TV pioneers. Boyer and Powell were two of the richest men in Hollywood.  They asked uber-rich (cutie) Joel McCrea (he declined) to join so I assume Niven was as wealthy too.