Camp film wish list

I’m dying to see many camp films but  2 in particular.  I’m a huge Maria Montez fan.  What she lacked in acting talent, she made up in…I don’t know.  Anyway she made successful escapist films during World War 2. I’m so shocked that she doesn’t have a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star because she was a moneymaker for Universal Studios at the time and a pin-up for the soldiers.  Some of her films are on DVD but the one I’m dying to see and her most “celebrated” film, Cobra Woman is unavailable.  Check out the video in beautiful technicolor and her dancing skills.

Princess of the Nile starring Debra Paget is the other film I wish to see on DVD.  The 50s started a Middle Eastern trend reminiscent of the Montez escapist era. The difference is Paget had acting talent and is a beautiful dancer. She would have made a great belly dancer and teacher in this present modern era.   You may recognize her from The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston and John Derek.

Sorry Montez, you were Latina but didn’t live up to the dancer stereotype.

Now this video is from a film titled Das indische Gramal (Indian Tomb) directed by Fritz Lang. Yeah, I find it hard to believe too.  Anyway I’m posting it as a contrast to the Montez Cobra dance.