Toshia Mori

The Bitter Tea of General Yen is in my Netflix queue but it’s availability is unknown.  The film interests me because Japanese-born American actress, Toshia Mori is 3rd billed. Her other roles in the late 20s and 30s were minor.

I learned about her after reviewing the list of WAMPAS Baby Stars.  WAMPAS stands for Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers.  It was an annual selection of 13 promising starlets.  In 1932, Mori was the only Asian and the only one of non-European descent to have ever been selected. Famous WAMPAS baby stars include Joan Crawford, Clara Bow, Dolores Del Rio, Fay Wray, Joan Blondell, Laura La Plante, Bessie Love, Ginger Rogers, Janet Gaynor, Mary Astor, Loretta Young, Marian Marsh, Gloria Stuart, Jean Arthur, Lupe Velez, Anita Louise, Anita Page, Colleen Moore, Frances Dee, and Rochelle Hudson

It’s very hard to find information on this actress but the mere fact she was an Asian  WAMPAS baby and achieved 3rd billing in a Frank Capra film starring Barbara Stanwyck is amazing. How was her WAMPAS selection received? How did the media describe her talents and beauty? I would love to discover any magazine articles, news reels, film reviews or fan mail on her.