Ronald Reagan was NOT a bad actor

Yesterday I mentioned Ronald Reagan’s supporting role in  Dark Victory. I don’t know why he got the 1981 Razzie for Worst Career Achievement. How can he have a worst career achievement with a resume including Dark Victory, King’s Row, Knute Rockne All American, and Brother Rat?  He wasn’t a bad actor.  He wasn’t great.  He was good and adequate.  He seemed to have a knack for light comedy. His role is useless in Dark Victory but with that useless role he comes across lovable.  He was under a Warner Bros. contract.  You took the roles they told you to do.

I’ve seen a few of his films including John Loves Mary, Bedtime For Bonzo, and Knute Rockne All American.  JLM is touching.  Bedtime is cute.  Knute Rockne is typical 40s fare.

King’s Row is his most celebrated role but I wonder why more is not mentioned of The Voice of the Turtle? I haven’t seen it but it gets very good reviews.  I can’t wait for it to be on DVD in order to judge Reagan’s acting.  This could be his other great film. Two is better than one. LOL

BTW he was cute back in the day.  So what if you hate Republicans and don’t like him. Get over it! I’m talking about the actor not the president. He had a good head of hair and was very doable.