New Zealand Filmography

I had a fun time in New Zealand. I spent a few nights with strangers from . You should check this site out to meet new friends in other countries. It’s a way to save on lodging but please always treat your hosts with courtesy like washing dishes or clearing the table.

I had no idea my New Zealand trip would be filled with film screenings. The only Kiwi film I had seen prior to my visit was Once Were Warriors, a gritty film on a violent Maori family. My vegan host family in Christchurch knew about my obsession with films so we spent the evenings in their living room watching two Kiwi films, Whale Rider starring Oscar-nominated actress Keisha Castle-Hughes and The Man Who Lost His Head (UK/NZ production). They showed me these two films to expose me to some aspects of Maori culture.

During my stay in Wellington, a beautiful walkable city, I had no plans to see a film but since I love walking, I explored every nook and cranny of the city center.  To my surprise I found the New Zealand Film Archive.  Then I saw the words “Free screening” of The Seekers (1954) starring Jack Hawkins and Glynis Johns. Before screening the film, I had a snack in the cute lounge area.  It was an adorable area where one can screen film trailers on individual computers.  Anyway the film is average.  German-Javanese actress Laya Raki portrays a Maori woman who tempts Jack Hawkins’ character.  Basically the Christian colonizing Brits look good and the Maoris bad.  Nevertheless it was filmed on location so there are beautiful shots.