IMDB and Hollywood getting on my nerves

IMDB is the premier movie database.  WTF is up with them?  Gale Storm’s death isn’t prominent in the news headlines.  I found a piece posted below Jeff Goldblum’s faux death.  Jeff Goldblum isn’t… Continue reading

June 29 Birthdays and Marriages

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS Robert Evans (1930) producer, Chinatown, Marathon Man Freida Inescort (1901) actress, Pride and Prejudice, A Place in the Sun Nelson Eddy (1901) singer, actor, Naughty Marietta Joan Davis (1907) comedienne, Thin… Continue reading

RIP Gale Storm

This has been a terrible week for celebrity passings. I’ve heard of Gale Storm.  I’ve heard of her famous TV show “My Little Margie.” I know she was a B actress in the… Continue reading