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A plea for an American not Chinese actress to portray American actress Anna May Wong in biopic

Various news sources including Variety report a biopic on actress Anna May Wong is in the works through Shanghai –based Fundamental Films. Fundamental Films has an office in Los Angeles and co-produces English-language films. This is… Continue reading

Piccadilly (1929)

Piccadilly is a late British silent.  It’s a shame silents ended so soon.  Piccadilly is a good example of how it could have matured.  The exaggerated silent gestures were toned down giving it… Continue reading

The Wrath of the Gods (1914)

The Wrath of the Gods stars the earliest and biggest Asian leading man in American cinema,  Sessue Hayakawa.  Fellow silent actress Tsuru Aoki,  eventually Hayakawa’s real-life wife, portrays his daughter. What may peek the interest of audiences is… Continue reading